20 februari 2011

Thank you Cary

My interest in blogging has been going on a roller coaster ride and just the other day I was considering to stop. However, the next day my lovely friend Cary, whom I haven't seen since Paris, surprised me with a wall post saying she misses me and thanking me for beinging up important issues. I took it as a sign that even if I'm not totally motivated at the moment I'm still going to keep updating the world of issues I find interesting and important. Thank you for the boost Cary!

Here is a video of Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State in the US. She is inspiring, witty and powerful.

Quotes I find rather funny...
Not saying that the world would be better completely run by women, "if you think that you've forgotten high school" "guilt is every woman's middle name" "there's a special place in hell for women who do not help eachother".
I haven't read her full bio, but I know she's made some questionable decisions, which I guess comes with the office and even if she doesn't agree with them, she still has to stand up for them. She has however done a lot for women and I think she is a feminist with perspective. Except for the hell-thing, don't believe in hell and I don't want to get into religion...

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