11 februari 2011

Rock classics

I've discovered that the best cooking music is probably rock... I've been making a vegetarian chili con carne and rocking away to random music on the rock classics radio, stirring the pot between my awesome air gitarr sessions! It's awesome!
I recommend all poor students (like me) to make this, it's delicious, it's healthy and it's really cheap.
I just make it with:
crushed tomatoes
tomato paste
chick peas
kidney beans
and whatever vegetables and spices you want to throw in there. So easy!

I just have to mention that I have the cutest cousin! Every now and again she messages me and asks me what I'm doing. Sometimes she forgets to write from Sarah so she sends another texts just saying that haha, every time! She's adorable! Was looking for a picture but unfortunately I didn't find one =(

Time to get ready for the discrimination seminar... Wish me luck!

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