13 februari 2011

Wine, cheese and game

Yesterday I had no hangover. I'm paying for that today. With one the size of four hangovers...

Friday night was a lovely girls night in, we enjoyed a cheese platter, too much wine and an enormous amount of fun!

The game was hilarious, you had to act out a dialect saying a completely random sentence and the others had to guess. It was hard! You also had guess the profession, I had to speak like a farmer, the whole game is built on generalisations practically and with our very politically correct studies I love when you can be so completely politically INcorrect!

Despite the huge amount of wine consumation I woke up with the sun glaring in from the balcony so I open the door and sun tanned for the first time this year. So lovely and warm!
I even managed to do some work while enjoying the sun, then I met up with Annika in town and went for a stroll, it is amazing how Swedes light up as soon as the sun comes out, half the population must have been downtown on park benches or promenading down the street. Unfortunately, I couldn't keep my credit card in my wallet... It wanted to be used, it was screaming for some emptying, and it had good arguments... "You want it". Well, maybe it wasn't the strongest of arguments but it worked...
So I came home with an top perfect for spring evenings when the sun goes down and a bikini. I might have gotten a little bit ahead of myself but I can't wait for spring and summer!!

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