20 februari 2011

Acumen Fund

I love TED, so many great talks! Here you can watch Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of Acumen Fund, an organisation that invests, with patience, in poverty-struck areas and societies to help them improve their life situation. They "combine business and philanthropy to break the cycle of poverty." It is a very inspiring talk, don't miss it!


I just made the best soup, so good and so simple and cheap. I needed to do something with my carrots and potatoes so I thought I'd just make a soup, last time I tried carrot soup it didn't go so well... But this time, yummy! Just carrots, potatoes (about 1/3 potato), stock, cream, salt, white peppar and blend it really smooth. I was looking through my spices to see what else I could put in it cause it felt really boring but when I tried it I just didn't want to ruin it... mmmmm

On the subject of food, yesterday we went to Julia's house and everyone just brought some ingredients, we put it all on the table and started brainstorming. The result was a culinary sensation! Lots of different dishes finished by a berry pie with lemon and vanilla whipped cream... Success!
Thank you for a great night and for all of you who think vegetarian food is boring, you don't know what you are talking about...

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