07 mars 2011

Exam in Soton

I've been really lazy with the blog, just not in a bloggin mood at the minute. But when I think of stop writing it I get right on it again...

So the past week I've done my exam in Soton. It was definitely the most difficult yet. When I read the three questions I was at first completely blank, then I thought erhm and finally; SHIT I'm going to fail, might as well not do it... But it went fine, I think so I'm going to go through the fun things instead!

Firstly, I had sushi, vegetarian sushi, with my cousin Jemma and delicious coffee at Monmouth in Borough market, think I've recommended this every time I write about London, and I will keep recommending it!
I made my way to Clapham junction, quite a nice neighbourhood, and met up with Fynn and his friends for a murder mystery party. Unfortunately I didn't get any good photos of all the masks.
Really good night, great people, wicked fun! The morning after, Fynn went down to Soton to play football whereas I stayed for a nice breakfast in the beautiful spring weather and I just had to visit one of my biggest vices... Urban Outfitters! I came home with a t-shirt and a pair of shoes (surprise). I didn't have much space since I only brought handluggage which meant I had to constrain myself...

Down in Soton I mainly wrote my exam, watched the boys play football, played squash (in my opinion I beat Fynn! Considering it was my second time playing...), Fynn and I went for a nice walk in the common when the Friday when I sent my damn papers in.

Time to go in to class, new course, new teacher, apparently loads of work... Great.

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