11 mars 2011


Everytime I buy something I feel guilty! Still every spring my card is burning from my shopping craze and I'm worried (and unfortunately rather certain) that the shoes were just the spark of a season of senseless purchasing. Once you are stuck in a consumerist mind it's hard to get out, but I intend to do my very best to get out of this addiction. Fact is that the less I spend on useless shit the more time I can spend with my boyfriend and travel, and maybe, maybe I won't have to sleep at the airport to get the cheapest flight! Oh, the thought, the beautiful thought!
So this lead to my search for the oldest items in my wardrobe. I found my grandmothers old red kind of gown but it just doesn't really seem suiting, so I picked my oldest pair of jeans, a jacket from Gina Tricot that I've owned for ages and a vintage top from Paris.
On a second thought I might just put on my rain boots and put a big plastic bag on because it raining diagonally outside at the moment... Mixed with some snow. WHAT THE FUCK!! It was sunny this morning!!!!
Frickin decide, if there is anyone who can have it all it's the Weather!

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