14 mars 2011

Annikas and Maddes dance hits!

After a quiet and very pleasant Friday night filled with wine, pizza, games and good company I was pumped to max for a night out filled with crazy dancing! Annika and I started just before eight, with the prospect of joing Marcus and Ale at a preparty across town, however, suddenly it was past ten so we thought we'd go straight to the club but Ale and Marcus said that the queue was over 30 metres so the boys joined me and Annika and we had our own little crazy dance floor!
explains my sore neck...
I don't recall being yelling at Marcus
so it must be a dance move....
 Finished with some cookies and a drink at a pub, really good night! 
Remember this one? Perfect preparty song! We danced to so many old goodies, must be done more often!

Right, no more fun, time to start my second application to Geneva University... I hate writing personal statement............

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