24 mars 2011

Hello Spring!

This is what I've been doing most of today =D
Apart from the constant wind, which in Lund is against you wherever you go, the sun has been shining brightly. I'm so glad to have a balcony with sun all day!

Another thing that makes me incredible happy and hopeful is two recent articles in one of Sweden's biggest newspapers about the crashing current economic system. Doctors in industrial restructuring (own translation) and technology working for SEI (Stockholm Environment Institute) have written two articles about the unsustainablility of our economic system. They suggest radical changes which I can't be bothered translating but one of the most interesting is the incorporation of environmental elements as part of value and assets, which would mean that Brazil wouldn't grow economically from cutting down the rainforest... The articles are in Swedish and you can find them here and here.
Not entirely unrelated, this song has been going on repeat on Spotify today 

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