23 mars 2011

Keep the sharks in the ocean and out of the soups

I know this is a sensitive time to be saying bad things about Japan but seriously, would you stop killing our oceans?! That also goes for all other countries allowing shark finning and genereal over fishing of the oceans as well!
Big minus today to the IOTC (Indian Ocean Tuna Commission) for failing to provide the much needed attention and protection of sharks! article

Another big minus is the amount of disposable plastic being used so widely even though most people have a great knowledge about the consequences. If you've forgotten here are some:
- plastic is nondegradable which means that it doesn't disappear.
- oceanic life consumes plastic which means that when we consume seafood we also get a fair share of plastic.
- many plastics contains toxic chemicals such as Bpa (Bisphenol A)
- if you need more reasons go to plasticpollutioncoalition.org 
There are some very very simple things you can do to lessen your use of disposable plastics:

  • Stop buying bottled water. I have a steel bottle, but any non-disposable is fine...
  • Bring bags to the supermarket. Don't buy plastic bags every time...
  • Think about the packaging. Buy in bulk, buy the product with least plastic or simple don't buy it at all.
the easiest steps really! It'll probably be good for your wallet as well...

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