07 mars 2011

Dirty days

I love going over to Soton, hanging out with Fynn and his house mates. There is one thing that I struggle with though. Well, actually there are two; the cold and the dirt! Imagine four boys living together and you probably already have the picture in your head... I literally almost wanted to cry when I went into the bathroom that's how filthy it was. Is. I was inches away from calling up Soph and asking if I could stay with her while they cleaned the toilet. But I pulled through and when I got back I had a nice long hot shower, scrubbed myself from head to toe and treated my face to a chocolate face mask. It's really good, so good I want to eat it! Literally, the smell just makes to crave chocolate so badly!
Not one of my best looks...
This morning offered beautiful but rather chilly weather. I decided to defy the cold and went for my new t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Can't wait to wear it a sunny spring day together with jeans shorts.

I keep going on about sea shepherds and Taiji and whaling, but it's so important and really interesting. Japan has ended its season in the Antarctics early specifically because of the activities of Sea Shephers, hurray! And now they've also finished their season in Taiji! Another hurray! But the biggest hurray of them all has to be that  The Cove (haven't seen it? SEE IT!) has been allowed to be released in Japan and the producer has sent a copy to every single resident in Taiji! HURfrickinRAY

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