24 november 2011

You can't kill an idea

The Occupy Wall Street (OWS) campaign is steadily growing. The issues have existed far too long and the idea is here to stay. The governments can take down the camps but they cannot remove the cause. We have to make sure that this movement keeps strong, the 99 % is speaking up against the 1 % and it's about frickin time.
Avaaz is organising support for the OWS movement so if you, like me, can't be on spot protesting you can donate money here.I couldn't donate much, but if everyone donates a small sum it will become a significant contribution to this important cause!

The US Bank Association are planning a strategy to battle this movement (surprise surprise) and you can read the letter here.

This is a global movement, it is not just about Wall Street, it's not about the US. We live in a globalised world, the chocolate I buy in Sweden ultimately influences a five year old working to pick the beans in Ghana. (thank you sustainable eating course, I urge you all to buy fair-trade!) We need to stand up for the 99 % of the people in the world that do not have 90 % of the wealth. In addition, we need to stand up for the environment. It is crazy that money means more than life.

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