05 november 2011


Hello again blog world.
Sometimes when you have too much on your plate, you have to drop something, like blogging, although that's when you want to do it the most because so many things are happening and you want to tell everyone about it!

This summer was probably the best summer yet in my life. I've been in England twice, once for Fynn's grad ball and once for my cousin's wedding. Oh it was beautiful, she was stunning and it was amazing to see all the counsins, siblings and friends again!

I also tried to take my driving licence. That didn't go so well... I stalled the car not once, not twice, not trice.... not fourteen times.... I stopped counting at 16. Embarrassing? Yes. In the end I just wanted to get back so I failed to stop going into a roundabout, I was fine, but the woman sitting next to me seemed to think the car behind nearly drove into me. Rubbish! I just didn't want to stop because I knew I was going to stall the frickin car! So I looked in the roundabout, yes cars are coming, I accelerated. Cyclists, that I should stop for, are coming, right, I stepped on it. Hmm, wonder why I didn't get my licence? I'm a good driver I tell you! I blame diesel and my nerves. Anyway, this is all in the past... Il faut try again.

On a completely different note Fynn and I went on a little road trip along the Scottish west coast. Great fun, we  canoed in the sea, saw wild seals, explored some caves, hung out with sheep, cursed midges, almost got stuck on a field, swan in the sea and enjoyed a little bon fire.

I also visited Sofia while in Scotland, she spent the summer in Edinburgh where she studies. We had a great time, sight-seeing in Edinburgh and took a tour to some Harry Potter castle, Roslyn Chapel and someplace else, went out dancing and just hung out like old times.

Greece was the next destination. The Yacht Week, where Fynn works as a skipper, is great fun, mostly if you're singel as it is a fuck fest, but I think Fynn and I did a good job partying! We had some awesome spanish guys on the boat, they were the heart of the party e v e r y night. So I can calmly sleep through Barbra Streisand on the highest volume. Handy skill to have living in a corridor as well... We visited Athens also, not that impressed but I guess the situation in Greece isn't ultimate at the moment.

I think I'll stop there for now, need to get going on some French studies. Oh yeah, dropped Human Rights, now doing French full-time and sustainable eating 25 %. Loads has happened as I said...

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