29 november 2011

Forks over knives

Oh I love this film! This is a documentary that crushes the idea of meat being sooo good for you, because you know what? IT ISN'T. 

Yes, meat contains a lot of the antioxidants, protein and vitamins that are essential to us. However, so does plants. And guess what?! We actually don't need as much protein as we think we do, no not even the top atheletes need to eat kilos of meat daily.... There is no evidence that proves that meat is bad for you, but there is a lot of evidence that points to the fact that our huge consumption of meat is bad for us.

This film argues on the base of some strong scientific evidence that changing to a plant-based diet reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Significantly. I'm surprised that the illusion of meat being so nutritious for us is still live and prospering because looking at simple facts it is so obvious that it is not. In small portions, yes, one serving a day is enough, more than that is actually bad for us. Check this graph out for example:
Circulatory disease: heart and vascular diseases
This diagramme is from a study in Norway where it clearly shows that during the years of low meat consumption (due to the war and occupation) deaths caused by circulatory diseased dropped, just to start climbing again when the war was over.

Then we have several studies conducted in for example Asia where cancer and cardio-vascular diseases have steadily risen in the same pace as fast food places started to establish themselves in the regions.

Watch the documentary to know more! I assure you it is worth watching. Since I became a vegetarian I've always said that I feel better and healthier, I've got more energy and my "mean weight" has reduced by 2-3 kg. This documentary kind of answered my questions around this and made me all the more sure that vegetarianism is the right option for me. And it is important to note that it is necessary to have a strict no-meat policy, I haven't but I just feel better not eating meat...

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