22 november 2011

Buy Less, Buy Used

Refreshing! An American outdoor clothing company has lunched the campaign Buy Less, Buy Used!

What happens when one of America’s most successful and beloved companies suggests that consumers reduce their purchasing of new products? Outdoor outfitter Patagonia did just that - raising the economic ante for Corporate America with a first-of-its-kind “Buy Less, Buy Used” initiative, offered in coordination with eBay and the Common Threads Initiative. Instead of encouraging consumers to buy new Patagonia products on the company’s e-commerce site, the company has suggested that consumers purchase used clothing and gear via eBay auction. Not only does this represent the first time that eBay has sold items directly on another company’s e-commerce site -- it represents a radical statement about the future of a U.S. economy predicated upon consumption, planned obsolescence and the relentless celebration of the new and trendy.
It’s hard to imagine other companies daring to undertake the same kind of initiative -- especially within the fashion industry. Patagonia, in announcing the “Buy Less, Buy Used”initiative, explained that it was the next logical step to take in order to become a truly eco-conscious company. It also ties into the Collaborative Consumption movement, which started in earnest about a year ago with Rachel Botsman giving an inspiring speech at a TEDx event, and has been picking up momentum since then. Websites like thredUP, which encourage parents to package up used clothing that their children can no longer wear and swap it for other used clothing that their children can wear, are emerging as a result of the growth of the Collaborative Consumption movement.
The founder of Patagonia said that he has already made "far more money than he ever intended", and he launched this campaign simply because it's the right thing to do. Hopefully this is a new trend!

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