08 november 2011

Operation Divine Wind

Sea Shepherd head out to the Southern Ocean this year again to hopefully shut the Japanese whaling fleet down completely. Last year they saved around 850 whales and this year they are hoping for zero killed whales! This area is supposedly a sanctuary for cetaceans but obviously Japan and the world doesn't seem to care... Interestingly enough, the whaling fleet received another $28 million for its illegal* whale hunting despite the recent disaster... personally, I think that money could have come to better use.

The Sea Shepherd people who go on this 3-month battle are all volunteers who sacrifice time, effort and money to go up against one of the most well-funded and technologically advanced fleets. Brave!

Good luck Sea Shepherds!
Go get them murderers!

*Some will say that their activity is not illegal because it is scienctific research, however there are many scientists who are publicly stated that they do not believe the research made by the Japanese fleet qualifies as "scientific".

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