15 november 2011


So Friday night I went to Åhus with Ale to have dinner with Marcus and his girlfriend Alexia and another couple. Alexia lives above a summer restaurant so we could enjoy fantastic food and pleasant company in an empty small and cosy restaurant. This is pretty much were my memory of the night ends so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...
Ale patiently posing in front of the fire
place to satisfy my photo frenzy

Some sort of beet root soup with a chèvre creme.

Risotto with home made pesto!
Marcus takes over the music.....
...and the dance floor...
Probably a very deep conversation that I have no
recollection of.
Showing off his assets....

This is not where the night ends, but the pictures and the memories do. So I will leave it here by just saying thank you all for a lovely night!

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