10 november 2011

Malmö Ekocentrum

As I have dropped out of Human Rights Studies, for now, I study French full-time and I also do another course called Sustainable Eating. Very interesting, but mainly I've just got all my opinions confirmed by scientific facts.
Feels rather good, I'm not going to lie... I now have a stronger base to argue for a reduction in the consumption of meat etc etc. So anyway, we did a field trip to Malmö Eco centre. Started a year and a half ago it is sort of an eco village doing research into solar energy and lots of other things. We got a guided tour where we among other things found out that in 1950 the average Swede threw away 25 kg of waste every year. In 2008 every individual throws away around 510 kg/year. That is an insane increase! One reason is probably because we throw away every fourth shopping bag of food we buy. Stop throwing away edible food! I've really started to think about this and realised how much I throw away. It takes some time to plan the food of the week to be honest, but it is necessary and so much cheaper! I spend about 200-250 SEK (20-25 euros) on food every week. That's not very much at all... Another interesting fact is that 1/3 of our food has been pollunated by pollunaters such as bees. Unfortunately, in an increasing number of countries they are dying out...
Sweden's second-biggest solar panel

A bio sphere. The water is recycled and
micro organisms breathe the air. If
you would pour a chemical in it, the
bio sphere would die. That is what we
are doing to our oceans....
About the food projects in Malmö
There are solutions though, that's what I loved about this place! They are focusing on solutions instead of problems! There is one in Gothenburg as well. Well worth a visit!

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