10 mars 2012

Whos Your Mumma

is the name of a wine bar located close to the Freo markets. They have lots of wine to offer and seem to know what they are doing. Best thing is that you feel like you're pretty much sitting in a wine cellar. Definitely a contender for favourite spots...
Best way to end a lovely evening
It was nice to be out with friends because today we are moving! Woohooo! It'll be so nice to have my own room with my own bed and furniture (which I'm currently trying to find... feel free to sponsor me ;P)

I just have to say that it is so wonderful to wake up to a shining sun every morning. Every morning. EVERY morning. I absolutely love it!

2 kommentarer:

  1. VAR gick ni för den efterrätten?? Det ser urgott ut =)

  2. Gino's. Var tyvärr inte lika gott som det ser ut...