23 mars 2012


I went on a two day road trip with Louise, Evelina and Hanna. South west we went!
Peppermint Grove Beach
The Margaret River Chocolate Factory
We sampled alright. 
 Going through the forest
"The Kennels" - Manjimup
The home of the spotter pilots.
Welcome to the Dog House.
After 4,5 hours we reached the kennels, exhausted and on the edge of running out of fuel. We had prepared ourselves for sleeping in the car cause it was looking very somber a while... Damn australian signs! We didn't want to go too fast because of the roos and the risk of missing the small signs, so we ended up driving 60 km/hr in a dark forest very reminiscent of "wrong turn"... But we made it thankfully! A big thanks to the wonderful pilots for letting us stay with them! Good job spotting those fires!

The Lavender Berry Farm
Best breakfast Ever. 
Do NOT miss this place.
(and a small pancake is enough!)
 Ancient forest and tree top walk

Benches can be found in all kinds of places with good views, which is really cosy, but something tells me they forgot about this one...
Evelina enjoying the nice views.
I suspect this bench has seen a lot of action....
A little sample of our road trip... If you are thinking of doing the same I recommend and insist you take more than two days to do it!

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