02 mars 2012

The earth is full

While I was cooking salmon and asparagus risotto last night

I was listening to this:

I love when he says that how can we think that we can negotiate with mother earth? The earth has a number of resources, if they run out, they run out. All the waste we're producing has to go somewhere and what Paul Gilding is saying is that the earth is full. It's time to panic and get shit done. Humans are good in a crisis, actually that's the only way to us going. So the fear we might have for how our lives will turn out we need to use to our advantage.

What really shits me is that we're reaching peak oil any moment now and we're still about 80% dependent on fossil fuels. You might think that, well that means we've just reached half of the supplies. Well, true as it might be, the oil that is remaining is the bad-quality-difficult-to-get. I don't understand how the big leaders can live with themselves knowing that they are jepordizing their children's future... For what? Money and power.

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