13 mars 2012


In my unit Cities and Sustainability I have come across many innovative ideas, major issues and new perspectives. Today I realised my ambivalence towards the concept of sustainability. One part of me is frustrated over the extensive changes that will have to be made and the fact that the longer we wait for the bigger the changes are going to be. Our lifestyle is going to change radically. The other part of me is very inspired and excited over these changes! 
My professor said that the battle will be won or lost in the cities because since 2008 over 50 % of the human population reside in cities. If we can make cities sustainable, we can make the world sustainable.
Here are some awesome creative solutions:
Would I like to live here?
Yes please!
New York
Using infrared light to see where the heat is lost in
buildings. That way we can alter it.
Pretty cool.
Green roofs in New York
Interesting story. Green roofs have been around for a while but the mayor of New York is introducing blue roofs. These roofs basically tkae care of the rain water and separate it from the sewage system, a huge waste of a resource, which would overflow. The system is a century old so it's bloody time for some modernisation. The blue water would be used to water gardens, wash streets etc.
Every now and again I lose faith in a sustainable world. Mostly when I realise the extreme changes that will have to be made to peoples' mindsets and habits. Sorry, consumption is no longer economics gift to human kind... We will have to find other ways to entertain ourselves... That's what sometimes gets me down. I love shopping, clothes, make-up, interior design etc. However, if I can stop so can you.
All pictures are taken from google.

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