04 mars 2012

The end of the week

Friday night in town
Birthday party at the Dean
Decided that we were too old for clubbing
Went to a cocktail bar with live music
Aouch, feet, aouch
Note to self, never buy cheap shoes...
Saturday at the beach
Eating fresh food at Freo markets while
listening to very relaxing music
Outside theatre at King's Park 
The two vikings left early because it was too cold
and we didn't understand the film...
Missed the first five minutes=missed the while film.

We went and cleaned up Australia for the Clean-Up Australia Day. We were 15 people of who only three were Aussie... I was only there for about 30 minutes because Russ, our advisor, cut his leg on some dirty glass and I came with him to the hospital. 6 stitches! The doctor asked if I was going to be ok before he started sticking a needle in him and I took my chair and moved in closer. Russ was like, well I guess you were the right person to bring. haha I was loving it!

Came home to a nice waffle dinner and went for a 9 km walk around the river =)

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