17 mars 2012

Painted Fish Café

Screening of Gasland at a "café". Basically we were just sitting on the pavement in the back of a street. But you know what... That's what I love about Freo! Gas fracking is about to start (has started) in WA and now we're (I say we because we're all in this together, pollution has no bounderies) trying to get the public educated and involved about the real issues about fracking. Or at least get it properly tested and monitored. If it were to start at the moment they would basically not be subjected to any laws and regulations... So get educated people! So far only France and Bulgaria have prohibited fracking as far as I know. Pretty poor considering the unsafe way it's currently done in.
Screen was attached to a trailor. Love it!
Got a new job and celebrated by buying a
dress. Practice what you preach?
Well, everyone slips up sometimes....
Whispers Wine Bar
Si on veux une ambiance francaise
It's so cosy upstairs!
Bar is located on Essex st.
Rosie O'Grady here we come! Start pouring that green beer!

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