25 mars 2012

Rugby League

Patsy-Ann and Ian invited me to go and see the bronchos vs the rabbitohs, rugby league game. It's was very exciting and I know all the rules and the players' names. Matt King has crazy hair... Well, I didn't really have a clue but the atmosphere was great!
I was looking forward to the cheerleaders but instead they
threw these little tiny cute kids onto the field.
Pretty entertaining as well...
 I was working all weekend and sadly enough got to bed at 9.00 pm Saturday night. Yep, Grandma style.
However, Grace and I met up with Golfis and his friend for a little Sunday session at the Left Bank.

How sad is it that crimes like burglery generate the same punishment as rape?! Basically, the legal system finds it equally serious to break into someone's property as they do rape. I guess the legal system hasn't really changed much since the 19th century where women were considered property... Shocking.

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