27 januari 2012

Watch out

cause now I'm allowed on the roads! ;)

Finally !
This time it went really well. I stayed calm and didn't get any remarks! For a while I thought I was screwed though. I had driven really well, did a left turn without problem but then she wanted me to bck around a corner. But not by a sidewalk but into a very slim road with deep ditches on both sides. I took it slow and easy but suddenly found myself nearly driving into the ditch on the wrong side of the road. Slightly embarrassing. She gave me another chance thankfully and I nailed it!
I'm just glad it's finally over....

Now we're on our way to Gothenburg just for one day. Mum and Sven are attending the MC exhibition and I'm going to see my siblings and some friends. So if you are in G-burg tomorrow give me a shout!

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