08 januari 2012

Misleading terms

There is no such thing as a rogue shark. Jaws is a film, it is not based on real events and it is certainly not a documentary. So let's leave jaws to Hollywood and stop referring shark bites as attacks. As Steve Cassell writes in his article it is a sensationalist terming.
"Unlike with the ocean, people easily recognise that the African bush is the wild, and it is unwise to wander alone when and where lions feed, he said."
Yeees, that is what I've been saying! We need to educate ourselves better, not try to kill every potentially dangerous creature in the water. It is a losing battle... The article also says that 13% of all shark incidents are caused by wobbegongs (love the name!) that have been frightened or stepped on.
 The article has a lot of good things to say, especially that sharks kill about one person a year in Australia. Compared to disease and poverty, that is nothing. It is time that we take our responsibility and educate ourselves in this area to prevent incidents. We need to stop fearing sharks and stop killing them. They are vital for the ocean and the earth, ergo, also for us.

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