20 januari 2012

Can you guess?

what this is?

The answer is truly disgusting.
It's chicken. 
It is mechanically separated chicken.
You could be served this at McDonald's...

Process: parts of chicken are put into the machine separating the bones from the meat. Theoretically. What actually happens is that ALL of the chicken, bones, eyes etc etc is crushed into tiny little pieces. Being infested by bacteria the mashed chicken is washed in ammonia, receiving this appealing colour. However, it doesn't taste like chicken anymore, it tastes of ammonia. But that is easily solved by artificial flavours. It also doesn't look like chicken so it is artifically coloured to get that delicious beige chickenly colour again...  If chicken nuggets still sound appealing to you I think you are barking mad!

Read all of it here!!

I was suprised to find that it is not illegal in Sweden. There are several farms that utilise this process called MSM... Check it out here : http://www.slv.se/sv/grupp2/livsmedelsforetag/sa_kontrolleras_din_verksamhet/Livsmedelsanlaggningar/EU-godkanda-anlaggningar/Sektion-5/
Couldn't find which farms McDonald's use unfortunately.

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