06 januari 2012


I keep ging on about the bluefin tuna, but it is because it is immensely important for our oceans.
Thursday saw the most expensive bluefin yet to be sold at a japanese market. $736 000. Not joking. Why? Demand. There is still a demand for the fish, especially in sushi restaurants. I do not for even a second understand how people can be so selfish and give in for a craving at the potential cost of our entire eco system...? You can read the article and see a short video here
The man who bought the tuna owns a big sushi chain and he reasoned that due to last years events i.e the tsunami, the Japanese people need something cheerful. Seriously?

So to cut to the chase, don't eat tuna, for the love of * do not eat bluefin tuna, and do check when you eat sushi, it sets a good example and makes restaurants realise that people care. Not even canned tuna is safe, but if you must, look for ecologically sustainable tuna. Will cost you wallet a little more, but will cost your conscience a lot less...
Watch with a critical eye, but I must sadly admit that the video isn't particularly exaggurated... Mackerel is on the list of "ok" fish in Sweden at the moment though...

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