30 januari 2012

Klippt och klart!

Literally. Packing as good as finished and hair as good as gone. No, not really. My hair got a very well-needed trim but there is still a lot left...
 Might have got slightly mad from all of this packing, printing, planning, storing, organising, cleaning, prioritising etc etc. What do you wear when you are leaving -5 to go to +30?
Surprisingly enough I have packed almost everything and I have loads of space left! What has happened to me? I literally do not even need my 10 kg of hand luggage! Strange...
Quick visit to G-burg to say goodbye to my family...
Bye for now my beloved little brother!

Cannot believe I'm leaving tomorrow!!!

1 kommentar:

  1. Hej Madeleine, hoppas resan går jättebra nu, och att du kommer få det underbart! Ska bli kul att läsa om dina äventyr och fortsätt dina kloka, politiska inlägg :)
    Hur gick litteraturtentan?!