18 mars 2013

Road Trip to End Poverty

So yesterday we arrived back from the Road Trip to End Poverty organised by the Oaktree Foundation.

The aim with the trip was to raise awareness about the injustice of extreme poverty and push the government to raise the foreign aid. Australia currently gives 0.35 % of its GNI in foreign aid and has promised to raise it to 0.5 by 2015. However, the Govt is pushing it back so we are holding them accountable for the promise they've made and we are pushing for another raise to 0.7 % by 2020.

The Road Trip included 1000 young people from all over Australia. In WA we were based around Perth campaigning for the first few days before flying to Canberra for media stunts and meetings with our local MPs and Senators. We then bussed it to Sydney for another media stunt and petitioning. Between all the campaigning we had lots of debriefs, interesting energisers and warm, fuzzy moments.

Beautiful Barbs and I the first day of the Roadie

This Man
(photo: Rosemary Henderson)

Tree hugger!

Best moment: Receiving the average March rainfall in one night... Yes, the grass got waterlogged and our tents got flooded.

Rory and Mr Roo chilling before our flashmob

Cuddle party at YMCA HQ

Hello Canberra!
Best group ever!!

Parliament House
Finger knitting is a thing

 Ninja destruction!

Meeting with Senator Rachel Siewert from the Greens.


Thanks to all of you. There will always be a special place in my heart for all of you who made this experience so incredible. Lots of love to you all!

(Special shout out to Rosemary Henderson and Shanye Thaw for the photos!)

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