31 mars 2013


Ah I'm just so far behind with a lot of my subjects! It's getting a bit stressful. So I invited Caez over for a girls night...! We went for a walk around the river in North Freo, it's just so beautiful.
Australia seems to have a love for putting benches in strange places.
I mean, what a view......
This house always have these life-sized animal sculptures in different positions around the garden. Very interesting... It's obviously Easter theme right now... Ususally they are chained in place, as if anyone would actually want to steal them haha
We finished off with a nice healthy dinner, good wine and lots of Easter chocolate. So much for being healthy right!

The enxt morning I got up at 7 (!!) to study (yeah didn't get much done, but it's the thought that counts no? Haha, I'm sure my lecturer will let my late assignment slip if I say that!) I woke Caez up at 9nd we went down to the beach for a little stroll before we had banana pancakes (just 1 moshed banana, 1 egg and some yoghurt, yummy!) for breakfast. It's an arts festival in Freo this weekend so we took the chance to check that out at lunch time. We found Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger "busking" so we got a little pre-taste of the concert. Not sure you can call it busking when you've become quite big and have teenage girls waiting 45 minutes for you to start and then scream right through the "gig". Bless.
 Waiting patiently to get Mike's autograph.
Aaaaand then came the concert! I'll post that soon.

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