07 mars 2013


This week has been mostly focused on work and study, although there has been very little actual studying done. Not sure how that happened... I work at a new café called Chalkys in Freo, just by the roundhouse on High st. It's a wicked place, great coffee, awesome food and supercool owners.

Yesterday I got the opportunity to go to a comedy hypnosis show. Eli's friend was the opening magician so we got free tickets! (score!) I must say I enjoyed Robbie T, the magician, more than the hypnotist... It was pretty cool to see, basically they were just in a relaxed state like day dreaming or trance. He said that being hypnotised felt like getting a full nights sleep. Yes please. Imagine how much time you would have if you could just get hypnotised for 1.5 hrs and then keep going with your day. Night...?... I feel like I need those extra hours at the moment.

I got an internship at The Wilderness Society, pretty stoked about that! They're all so lovely so I think I'll have a wicked time there! Let's me get more involved in protecting the Kimberley, JPP more specifically, as well.

I've been really enjoying my evenings lately. Listening to some great music, mostly JBT, Xavier Rudd and Jack Johnson as well as the Pigram Brothers who are from Broome. I love Jack Johnsons lyrics when he says "we've got all we need right here, and everything we need is enough." It's so true isn't it? If there is something I'm realising more and more it's that happiness can't be measured in material possessions. Sure, buying a new dress makes me happy for a sec but there is no substance in that sort of happiness. It will only drive you to search for a deeper sense of happiness. When I was a teenager I thought that deeper happiness was shoes haha. I'd like to think I'm wiser now!
Have a wicked evening, be aware of it, take care of it, watch the sunset, listen to your favourite music, don't put on the TV and shut yourself off from the world. Enjoy the moment and just be.
(haha awfully philosophical....)

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