03 mars 2013

I love it!

By Icona Pop has been this weekend's most played song I think. Friday night started with home made sangria at the 'castle', followed by burger from Flipside consumed with red wine at Mrs Browns and finished at Mojo's for some reggae dancing maan. Pretty awesome night!

Flipside, Mrs Browns and Mojo's
Everything you need a Friday night...

Quarry Amphitheatre
Such a gorgeous evening at the outdoor ballet. Beautiful setting, beautiful dancers, beautiful music and great company!

When I arrived there were only a few occupiers left getting their activism on. We stood our ground though and occupied the beach all through the night! Wicked night with Kyle and his music, Barbara and her pants ;), slightly scary midnight swim and lots of laughter! 

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  1. Fan vad nice!!! Allt verkar underbart och overkligt, precis som det ska va ;)