16 juni 2011

Dreaming in Devon

The morning after the ball Fynn, Liam, Jackie and myself headed for the train down to Devon for Brunei on tour. Don't ask, can't quite remember what it stands for initially, but now it means that loads of people meet up at Dougs for a weekend/week/couple of days, whatever you want, worth of eating, surfing, wind surfing, fishing, rounders, swimming, playing cards and drinking in a tent on the beach in the rain in the middle of the day, those kinds of things... Wicked time!
That grey tent was where Fynn and I stayed until Fynn woke up in a puddle after a pretty heavy storm. It really rained throughout the entire night and well into the day. No wonder the tent flooded. Despite all the charm of sleeping in a tent (never thought I'd hear myself saying that) I must say that sleeping on a mattress the last night was absolutely wonderful...
Not a bad view right?
Preparing our bbq

Drinking out of the bottle. Very classy.
Fynn brother came down with his girlfriend all the way from Glasgow! Quite a drive... We spent some time with them, on the beach, went to a little place called Looe and had a pasty. On our way home, the mist was thick and suddenly, in the middle of the narrow roads, we encounter a car turned upside down, the passenger seat completely compressed and with children seats in it. We all jumped out of the car and ran up to see what was going on. There was already a couple there who'd called the police. There was, however, no one in the car. Luckily there was no blood either. Looked like the driver had just got out and run off. The mystery of the upside down car remains...

This week went far too quickly.

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