15 juni 2011


There hasn't been much time for the blog lately. I had to move in the midst of finishing essay and preparing the final opposition. A big loving thank you to my dear mother and Sven for the patience and efforts to help me move. Another big thank you goes to Julia with whom I could share a bed in my momentary homelessness. Wonderful evening with rhubarb pie and stormy weather.

Then came opposition, fun and friendly, less "criticising" and more "crediting" and as it ended I pretty much headed straight for the airport to see my boyfriend. Finally. Dude, five weeks is too long...
I missed my chance of a cinderella night in high school as me and Sofia decided to go to Malta instead. Lets not talk about it... So I have been longing for this moment, the hair, the make up and the dress! Luckily my dad sponsored a ball dress as my b'day present. Oh well, enough talking, bring on the photos!

The house mates
Alice and I were clever enough to bring a change of dress for the ability to crazy dance!

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