04 juni 2011

Birthday girl

23 years old. Old. Time goes quickly. But, it just makes you appreciate it more!
This day has been fabulous, absolutely spiffing! My birthday kind of started last night when mum and Sven arrived and we had cake. Proper "children's cake", which mum got for every birthday when she was a child, and I've gotten every birthday since I was, well still actually. A while later the door bell rings and three wonderful girls start singing Happy Birthday =D So after some rhubarb pie, we went for a well needed walk before bed. Thank you so much girls, appreciate it endlessly!

We start the morning with a healthy breakfast before a sightseeing of Lund. Lundagård, Domkyrkan, Stortorget och stan and the botanical gardens (sorry bout the swenglish). We, continued out to Löddeköpinge to visit my grandfathers brother, whom I can't even remember ever meeting! My mum's sister and my cousins were there as well so it was a really nice family reunion!

The night was finished off at restaurant Myntha in town and a walk up St Hans backar, the only place in Skåne that isn't completely flat...

Sometimes I wish I had a really good camera, but then I
remember how seldom I would actually use any function
but "auto" and how many cameras I have disposed of
in the last five years... 

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