03 juni 2011

Beautiful people

Mum calls...
Mum: Hi!! Are you drunk?
Me: Ehm, no.
Mum: So we can sing for you then?!
Me: Uhm, what?
Mum: So we can sing for you?
Me: Mum, my birthday is tomorrow...
Mum: *quiet* damn.

Haha, my dear mum, not easy to keep track of the dates...

Thank you very much to all my sweet class mates, you are all awesome! Special thanks to Selma who hosted the grad party.
Picnic snacking
Lots of good food!

Beautiful Sissela
Football rounders

Great night filled with laughs and fun games!

Time to get cleaning, mum and Sven arrive today and the place looks like a tornado roamed it. To be fair I am packing.

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