03 april 2012

Shark Shield

There was another fatal shark incident the other day close to Perth, in Busselton. A diver was fatally bitten. My condolences goes to the family.

Now, these events always spring the discussion whether or not to go out and cull "the shark". You probably already know why strong position on this point. I believe it is utterly insane to go out and revenge a "rogue" (stupid expression) shark. There are so many arguments against it and it is honestly stupid for so many reasons. I understand why people feel this way and I understand that there is a growing fear. However, every time you get into a car here you are risking your life. If you enter the ocean you are in sharks territory. Sorry, it is as simple as that.

I found that there is actually a way of protecting yourself against sharks in the water. It's called a shark shield and is a technological device designed to deter sharks. It sends out an electronic wave form so when the shark gets within 8 metres of you it will experience a muscle spasms in its nose uncomfortable enough to deter it but harmless when it swims out of the 8 metre diameter. This device can be used by surfers, divers, free divers, people snorkling, pretty much anyone and it will protect you from the potential danger of sharks.
So if you feel unsafe there is a rather small price to pay for something that could save your life.

However there are other things to consider if you are not ready to purchase a shark shield. For example: do not enter the water on an overcast day, sharks are mostly active during dawn and dusk and don't wear shiny swin wear as colourful and shiny wear may attract sharks. To read more about how to avoid a shark incident click onto here

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