22 april 2012

Beanie b'day party

After three hours of shopping at Myers I finally bought a pair of shoes and Grace an dI could go back home and go out to Whispers wine bar in Freo.
Dave: Tomorrow
Fynn: 4 days

Saturday was a busy busy day! Got up early to go volunteer for the Sea Shepherds, headed into the city at noon to attend the No Fracking WAy protest against fracking in WA. Watch Gasland to get a good overview over the issue...

Saturday night was spent at Dan's house, four people celebrated their birthdays and there was a fundraiser for leukemia. Shelley shaved her head for cancer and raised funds. It was a beanie themed party but in case you failed to bring something there were wigs at your disposal......
Me, Evelina, Reggie and Dasha
Birthday boy! 
Coolest head piece of the night!
The "gay" guys haha
I'm pretty sure I was making fun of him
but he looks a bit too happy for that...
The most gorgeous couple!
How does one take him seriously?
Thanks so much for an awesome night guys!

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