13 april 2012


Yesterday Linda, Evelina, Cilla and I went on a road trip south. We visited Giant Cave, the less touristy one where you have to do some climbing and scrambling, takes about an hour. As we were descending into the darkness I came to think about the horror film the descent. Luckily I managed to get it out of my head because otherwise it would've been pretty scary...
Excited girls!
It was pitch black down there!
 At one point we decided all to turn off our lights but quickly turned them back on again! Completely dark and quiet. Such an amazing experience!
Cartoon eyes ;)

We continued up the coast on caves rd towards Cape Naturaliste and Dunsborough, stopping at Yallingup for this beautiful view!
All the heath and low vegetation, this is probably what it would look like if it was ever sunny in Scotland! ;) (Fynn will kill me haha)
 The whale watching spot at Cape Naturaliste - unfortunately the season starts in June. I'll be back. I'll camp there until I see a whale if I have to.
 The end of fun times - Evelina refused to drop us home without a picture with the car... So here it is: Our little pearl!

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