23 juni 2013

Kimberley Roadie part 1

So Tuesday morning (18th June) we took off from Perth - northbound towards Red Bluff. Here is a picture rain cause I can't be bothered writing:

First camp spot - really just to a stopover before heading up to Carnarvon. Freezing morning!

Red Bluff - what a gorgeous place.
Eagles everywhere 
Trip out to Turtles for some surf (for some) and some sun (for others) 
 Making raw balls - luxury camping...
Yoga everyday @theStonehouse <3 
 Lots of reading

 Whales - lots of them and coming really close to shore =D

Leaving Red Bluff - passing through the Blowholes before heading backed to Carnarvon. We saw this whale flapping his tail around in the water and stopped. 
 When we got back to the car we discovered a not-so-pleasant surprise: flat tyre...
 Quickly fixed by our experienced team - Meegan and Brett - so we were at the Blowholes in no time.
This magnificant coastline of yours Western Australians - appreciate it and take care of it! 
 Indeed they do!

And now we are back in Carnarvon stocking up on fresh veggies and fixing that flat tyre before we start heading up to Karijini national park. Cannot wait!

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