23 juni 2013

Goodbyes kinda suck

I love all you beautiful people I have met in the last year. You are all amazing.

The alst few days where just jampacked with catching up with all the gorgeous people I've gotten to know along the way, here are some photos to show for it :

Shane, Naz and I set up our own drive-in cinema in King's Park
This Cambodian FACE!

Bye bye moore&moore =(  and more importantly Seeya soon Kath!(erine)
Balinese pancakes @Ken's beautiful house - thanks you so much!!

@Sashas: OH DEAR

Greens event @TheBird with Bob Brown (DjB-Bob) and Scott Ludlam (DJ Scudlam) #greenmeupscotty

Kimberley Art Auction Fundraiser with the TWS (The Wilderness Society) team @Spacecubed

Making veggie boxes out of recycled wooden pallets with Meegan, check her out at The Urban Pallet on FB, pretty cool stuff all recycled and environmentally friendly *thumbs up*
 I made these yaay!
 Possibly the world's cutest dog - Casey. 
 Learning lots of new skills: tree planting!
Shane capturing me at my best...

and with that I want to say that I LOVE YOU ALL and I WILL MISS YALL LIKE CRAZY

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