11 juni 2013

Birthday shenanigans

All I wanted for my birthday was to get out of the city and that we did! Shane and Naz (looooooove you guys!) took me out to John Forrest National Park for some hiking and picnicking. Gorgeous day, thank you so much guys you are amazing!!

Shane Thaw's beautiful photo

The evening was spent at Naz place where Shane made a beautiful dinner and we had way too much yummy cake! Watched a shit film and giggled a lot... 
Not sure what is going on

Friday, warming up for reggae night @ Mojo's

Brekky at Harvest restaurant and a tour to the markets was the perfect way to end a beautiful birthday week. 

Thanks to everyone for your borthday wishes, this year has been a great one so far.

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  1. Ah vad nice!!! Och så sjukt fina bilder =) Jag har också varit där i nationalparken, insåg jag när jag såg tunneln =P.

    Saknar dig massor!