21 oktober 2012


The week through the lens:

Hung out at Reggie's
made a beautiful risotto, studied and ran the bridges a couple of times.
 would love to wake up to this view every morning!

Creative Project
73 photos were posted in the end and were put into this scrapbook album. Tomorrow it'll be handed in to the state government.

Insightful, terrifying and hopeful reading

We were given an egg, 1,3 m tape and 10ish straws and were told to collaboratively make a protective armour for the egg so that it wouldn't break when dropped from certain heights. We came in second!
Love that this was uni time hehe

Creative Project Day
Full day at uni going through everyone's amazing creative projects!
Urban landscape made from secondary resource materials i.e waste
 Seedlings randomly placed throughout Perth to encourage people to grow their own food

Finally, the place where I spent most my time this week; work.

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