10 oktober 2012

Fast track

Not enough time!
Ian's Birthday celebrated at this lovely spot.
Here I also met Will from the Inbetweeners, well his doubleganger at least!
 After some really good wine we headed over to Mojo's for reggae night.

Saturday was another full-on day of lectures (yes you read it correctly) with Peter Newman and Brad Pettitt.
Good inspiration which was needed to sit inside on a beautiful Saturday!
However, tired yet high on coffee I went home to get ready for The Aviary - Rooftop bar better visited early evening as it was a bit chilly and dark. 
 The Aviary is a little bit pretentious so we headed to a place where that certainly wasn't an issue.
Hula Bula Bar!

Been staying a bit with Reggie by the river. After this royal treatment I'm seriously considering never leaving. Sorry Caecilie. ;)
I'm very proud to say that I ran the bridges for the first time! 10 km in pretty much an hour on the dot. Not bad for someone who doesn't think she can run.... 

The view from work, that is something you certainly can't complain about. 
And on that note it's time to go to work.

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