14 juli 2013

The Kimberley

After a tyre hunt in Port Hedland (sad sad town...) we headed up to Broome, Cape Leveque and the Gibb River road.

The view from campsite at the Whalesong Camp area and cafe. Such a beautiful and remote place. The cafe is tiny and they grow most of their food, everything is fairtrade, organic and delicious!
Watch out for salties! Slightly scary walking on the beach knowing that a croc was spotted just a couple of days before along the coast. It knows you're there long before you'll ever know... But it didn't deter us! The kids and Jimbo (the dog) joined us for a walk as well, bless they were so cute! Showed us some bush tucker and did cart wheels with us.

After two relaxing days at Whalesong and Middle Lagoon we headed up to Cape Leveque where we camped one night and tried to recondition the dying battery. Didn't work so we had to jump/pull started every time we stopped haha
The colours of the coast are just so incredible...

We went back to Broome, replaced the battery, got a second spare tyre refueled with some Matso's ginger beers on the beach... When we finished stocking up we headed off onto the Gibb River road to explore the Kimberley!
We had to drive through a fair few river crossings, unfortunately we didn't see any crocs...

Our first stop: Bell Gorge. It was a beautiful walk there and we were so hot so we just wanted to get into the water but jeez it was cold! Refreshing but brrrr...
We visited a couple of other gorges, Galvan and Lennard, but I didn't bring my camera along, can't be a tourist all the time... Galvan was absolutely amazing, just this little tucked away waterhole with a beautiful waterfall as taken out of a film and to the right we could see aboriginal art on the rock wall, so picturesque! Lennard was pretty average in comparison with the others but we got to do some scrambling to get down to the actual gorge to go for a swim and once we got there we saw a big lizard/guana sunbathing on the rock (we made sure it wasn't a croc haha)

Manning Gorge was my favourite out of the above mentioned, it was just breathtakingly stunning, the photos really doesn't do it justice...

On our way to Windjana and Tunnel Creek we stopped at March Fly Glen again and met a really nice dutch couple, the girl had poi's so we ended up having a bit of a circus cirle going, it was great fun!

Windjana Gorge - words cannot describe the beauty and sense of this place.
The freshwater (freshies) crocs are considered harmless unless agitated but they are so used to humans here that you could easily get within a couple of metres of them and they seemed like they couldn't care less...
You really feel like you are walking where dinosaurs have walked before you. The feeling of the place just makes you full of awe and peace. This is probably one of my favourite places of all times. Ah the West Coast of Australia, such a remarkable place. I will cry the day (fingers crossed it never arrives!) the industry succeeds in industrialising the Kimberley, one of the last untouched places in the world.
Boabs in my heart

not all places need to be 'developed'
some are too precious to plunder

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