27 maj 2012

Meet the climate sceptics

is the name of the most recent doc I watched. Lord Christopher Monckton is one of the leading sceptics in the climate debate. Unlike many other sceptics, he is not attached to a political branch or business sector.
I must admit that I wasn't entirely up to date on the whole sceptic side of the debate. I thought most of the sceptics simply denied the whole theory of climate change. However, it seems as if the sceptics acknowledge the fact that human activity is affecting many systems on earth, including the atmosphere. They disagree on the extent to which climate change is happening. So basically the debate comes down to a couple of degrees warming....

The most important point to make about the climate sceptics is that NO peer-reviewed paper has been formally published where their arguments are put forward. Nothing that supports their arguments have been published in academic papers. Science is not opinions, it's published, scrutinised, reworked and criticised until there no holes can be poked.Climate scientists claim that the reason for this is simply because the arguments of the sceptics cannot withstand academic scrutiny and criticism. Until I see some clear-cut, scientific evidence by the sceptics I'll choose to believe the climate change scientists.

However, whichever you choose consider this:
Basic risk assessment. What are the costs of action versus the costs of inaction. This guy takes away the question of whether global warming is true or false and gets to the point: Shall we act or not?
As he says: "why is this terrifying? Because we only get to play this game once...."

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