11 maj 2012

Hamilton Hill

In Hamilton Hill Chris Ferreira is retrofitting a house to make it as sustainable as possible and fit for Perth's climate. Perth actually uses more water than Stockholm per capita, which wouldn't be a problem if they had an abundant supply of water. However, Perth is a dry place in a dry continent and unfortunately the trend shows that its only getting drier...
 Some sustainable features:

  • White roof with insulating paint to reflect the sunlight
  • Native garden, no grass that requires a ridiculous amount of watering, fit-for-purpose and waterwise plants
  • Solar pergolas to maximise sunlight in winter and completely close out the sun in summer
  • Souble-glazing and insulation in the walls!

There is much more, if you are interested in how to make your house more sustainable just google sustainable housing or visit greatgardens.info to learn more.

Perth is pretty much the most unsustainable city you can live in. Not quite but its not that far away.

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