01 april 2012


Weekly update!

Grace and her wooden spoon cooking a lovely meal.

The Big Bang drinking game
with Krupa

Change of scene
Was hugely needed after a week of studying at Murdoch so I met up with Grace at Moore & Moore café
I love this place!
This is just one of the many rooms,
everything is very vintage, they have a gallery but
the whole place is worth a little tour in it self.

Minor crisis
After finding the photos from Oz '05/'06 I had a slight panic attack and needed to go for a run...
Was 18 kilos heavier than now...

However, after the run I went to Evelina's for a taco night filled with good wine and lots of chocolate.
So much for that run... haha

Saturday night with dinner and wine at Reggie's
Started the day with an economic exam, went well I think. Met up with Dasha and Grace in town, bought a pair of black jeans. It's getting cold here! By cold I mean 20+...

Picnic at South Perth foreshore, wine and amazing tiramisu from the Italian restaurant on Mill Point Rd.
 No spoons so we improvised and made spoons out of the lid...
An awesome week! 

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